Who are We?

Audrey is helped in the kitchen by her little sister, Maurene, and her mom, Kris. They cook and live in beautiful Lawrence, Kansas. When they are not cooking they enjoy going to the park, swimming, and walking.

Audrey started cooking when she was 20 months old while visiting her grandparents. She is now four and continues to surprise her mother with her interests and desires about food and the kitchen. Monday and Wednesday lunches are her favorite meals as she is almost completely in charge.



Maurene has always been in the kitchen. As a baby she would sit and chew on wooden spoons while Audrey cooked. She now, at almost 3 years old, is the first to move a chair up to the counter and grab the ingredients. If Audrey is not careful Maurene will soon take over lead chair. Maurene is the curious child and will constantly try new things.


Kris is the mom, and she is 38 years old. After realizing that her two very active daughters were going to get into everything in the kitchen anyway, she decided to teach them to cook. As a young girl Kris fixed boxed mac 'n cheese for her sister and learned to use the microwave. She decided she did not want her children to be so handicapped in the kitchen so she did a little research. With the constant encouragement of her in-laws and valuable input from the girl's father, she is learning how to share the kitchen with her young helpers.


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