Sunday, November 24, 2013

SNAP Challenge, Review #JFSnapChallenge

The girls and I had fun planning and participating in the SNAP Challenge. We had no idea how much work it would be to find affordable food or how deprived we would feel by not getting to eat out or splurge during our week. It really highlighted to us how lucky we are.

When asked what they missed the most during the Challenge Audrey immediately said pie. Maurene had a harder time remembering what she requested most but she did miss her fruit. She ate all the bananas early and only had apples to eat. She requested a box of Cuties at the store when we were shopping for our last minute items. 

I do not feel I feed my children well during the challenge. They neither are big fans of beans and we did not have many large sources of protein during the challenge. They will go back to a more omnivorous menu now and have many more vegetable options. I like having the ability to purchase a wide variety of foods to find creative ways to get enough micro-nutrients into my girls. 

My diet was pretty good during the challenge but I really ended up wanting a hot beverage. I had no budget for any so I ended up heating up a cup of hot water and placing a few apple slices in it. The weather got cold toward the end of our Challenge and I wanted the warmth. 

The girls and I like to participate in a food sample at our local grocery store each Thursday in between the girls karate classes. This week we could not go and purchase our dinner from the salad bar like we enjoy doing.

Now that we are done with the Challenge we have decided to do what we can to help. I posted several ways locals can help and a link for those nationally to find a food bank in their area in my post yesterday. I encourage you to think outside the box to find ways to help. My husband had started a monthly delivery of canned fruit and we are baking pies today to help those receiving a hot meal from the food bank. 

Please understand it could be your neighbor, a relative, or you needing assistance one day soon. We do not know what tomorrow will bring so let's all try to help. 

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