SNAP Challenge, Day Four #JFSnapChallenge

As we go into day four I have to admit the food has not been the challenging part of this challenge. I have missed most the little things. Like a small piece of chocolate or a glass of wine. My girls wanted honey for their cornbread. They also want a piece of pie after dinner. We all would like to live on more than $4 a day.

On to our grocery list. These are the items I purchased and the prices I paid. After I did all my shopping, meal planning and most of our meals I learned that on food assistance we would not have to pay sales tax. This would leave a little more room in our budget for more bananas for my youngest and maybe ingredients for a pie for dessert.

Oats 2.15
Apple Jelly 1.59
Peanut Butter 1.56
Garlic .22
Peanuts .30
Black Beans .99
Pineapple, crushed .99
Frozen Orange Juice 1.49
Frozen Cauliflower 1.89
Oil 1.88
Raisins 1.95
Cornmeal 1.27
Ro-tel .99
Vinegar .99

Flour 1.19
Sugar 1.66
Baking Powder .99
Apples 1.88
Bananas .71
Onions 1.69
Canned Tomatoes (2) 1.98
Tomato Paste .39
Navy Beans (2) 1.18
Chili Beans .59
Chili Powder .99
Cinnamon .99
Italian Seasoning .99
Bread .99
Cocoa Powder 2.19
Tortillas .99
Soy Milk 2.29
Mushrooms (2) 2.98
Frozen Peas .95
Frozen Corn .95
Carrots .99
Celery .59
Apple Sauce 1.49
Spaghetti 1.49
Pasta Sauce 1.49
Brown Rice .67
Canned Pumpkin .89
Salt .39

Natural Grocers
Soy Butter 2.99

We got right back on the horse and only ate food on our menu within our budget. Day three was a little harder because we joined friends at a play date. Normally at the play date we enjoy fast food and I have a nice cup of coffee. This time my girl friends enjoyed a yummy meal of noodles from Ramen Bowl and their children munched on chicken nuggets. Maurene and I packed our lunches and I was not able to warm my hands by wrapping them around a warm mug while my friends and I chatted. My girl friends felt bad about eating noodles in front of me.

Dinner was Black Bean Soup with cornbread. I found it very enjoyable but the girls stuck mostly to the cornbread. After they tried several bites of the black bean soup they begged for slices of pumpkin bread with butter.

We will see how well breakfast goes today. I planned rice pudding but the girls are still learning to like rice. Maybe with enough milk, cinnamon and sugar it will appeal?

Tomorrow I will share more recipes and ways you can help.

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