SNAP Challenge, Day Five #JFSnapChallenge

It is the last day of our challenge. We have not fared well. Day four was near impossible for us to stick to our menu. I had a business breakfast that meant I was not eating at home. Maurene refused all lunches offers except an apple and the girls were too enthralled with a movie before a school sleepover to eat dinner. Audrey ended up eating half a PB&J but Maurene had nothing that was not provided at her school after I dropped them off.

I attended a fundraiser for a friend's new catering company benefiting the food bank we have partnered with for our SNAP challenge. When I showed up I was teased about breaking my challenge with gourmet foods and French wines. It was not a good day for our challenge. I hope even though we have not been good about sticking to our budget we are still showing how hard it is to live on such a small food allotment. 

One idea my husband had when we started this challenge was to make a food donation monthly. We use Amazon Subscribe & Save for dry goods and toiletries. It helps us not have to remember to purchase items we need all the time and we also get a discount for bulk purchases. My husband signed up to have a monthly shipment of canned fruit delivered to our local food bank. We are helping with a small donation but it is so easy we never have to think about it. If you use Amazon at all I encourage you to look into setting up a monthly donation of this type.

Since we had such a hard time at the end of the challenge we decided to sign up to help a little with Thanksgiving at our local food bank. The girls and I are baking two pies for those receiving a hot meal. Audrey and I are also going to help pass out the food on Wednesday. My purpose for involving my girls in this challenge was for them to understand the challenges people can face if they are receiving SNAP assistance. I also want them to understand these are real people and it could be anyone they know. We don't have much but we want to do what we can to help.

If you live in our area I invite you to make a small monetary donation to Just Food, volunteer to pass out food Wednesday, or bake a pie (we will pick it up and deliver).

Those who are not local I invite you to help in your area. There are food banks all over the United States helping those in need.

These girls are why I wanted to participate in this challenge. I want my girls to understand we are all people     and to help those in need.

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