Pancakes and Fruit on a Stick

You know you have done well teaching your child to cook when she comes to you with a cookbook begging to make a recipe. This happened to me recently. I can't blame her, it is a recipe for mini pancakes on sticks with fruit. So yummy!

Audrey has gotten into paging through the cookbooks a lot lately and since I keep the kid ones on a lower shelf it is easy for her to pick out fun recipes. Many times she comes to me wanting to make an item requiring ingredients we do not have for a meal in one hour. This time she picked an easy to make recipe.

I mixed up the pancake batter making a few easy substitutions to make it healthier and plant-based, while she prepped the fruit. The kiwi was a challenge for her so I helped. One the pancakes were cooked and the fruit ready I helped her set up so she could make our breakfast for dinner meal.

Fruit and Pancake Sticks

  • pancake mix or ingredients for mix
  • assorted fruit
  • sticks
Mix pancake batter and cook small pancakes. Allow pancakes to cool slightly. Cut up fruit. Skewer pancakes and fruit. Pour a small bowl of syrup or applesauce for dipping.

We got the idea for our fun meal from the fabulous Bean Appetit Cookbook. In it you will find fun ways to get your little ones interested in cooking.

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