Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Healthy Eating for Tomorrow

I don't know about you but we have challenges at the dinner table. Some nights my girls love most of the dinner. Other nights not as much is enjoyed. And I can almost never tell which it will be.

As a parent this is frustrating. I want my girls to understand the food we cook is meant to not only be delicious but nutritious. They would prefer just the former.

With my girls I have taken a marathon approach. I am not stressed about what they do or don't eat at any one meal. There will be another chance tomorrow. 

In the beginning it was hard. Both of my girls have always been picky eaters. Here is a picture of Audrey trying peas for the first time.

She was not pleased.
I have to admit I was disheartened. Maurene was no different. When they got old enough to feed themselves I got them in the kitchen to help me cook. All of the experts said that would help them learn to like new foods. It didn't work. At least not at first.

Recently I have noticed that Audrey, 2 weeks shy of six, has started trying new foods. The experts weren't wrong I just didn't realize how long it could take. Audrey and Maurene have both realized that rice is not bad. And beans can taste good in the right dish. We all love winter squash and anything you can bake in a muffin. Maurene cried the other day because I would not give her some of the uncooked butternut squash on the counter. She had to leave for school in 15 minutes. They are learning. 

We still have bad days. They would  much rather eat pasta with cheese or chicken nuggets or pizza most days. But they also love to help me make zucchini bread and butternut squash muffins. Spaghetti squash is a coveted dinner and mashed cauliflower is quickly becoming a favorite.

Don't give up. It is a marathon, not a sprint.

Eight months old enjoying corn cob.

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