Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Back to School Food, Spring Rolls

Back to school has never bothered me before. My girls have been attending a fabulous preschool for several years now. We don't have need to purchase new clothing because I keep my eye out for hand-me-downs or good deals throughout the year. And the girls only attended school for half days so no need for backpacks or lunch bags. 

That is about to change. Audrey starts kindergarten this year. She will still be at the same school but will now attend full day. No need for backpacks but a lunch bag might be in order. She has been excited to eat lunch at school for some time now. I am a little worried about the standard American lunch so I started looking for fun healthy dishes to pack several days a week. 

This week we are vacationing with grandparents in the house where Audrey made her first salad. I just have to share the picture one more time:

Not quite two years old.

For dinner last night she made a salad of her own creation, chopped and tearing the ingredients herself. I am going to let her do more of that when school starts as well. 

For lunch I let the girls make their own meals. Audrey picked a ham sandwich but Mo was more interested in Spring Roll making with me.  

We learned that Mo loves Spring Rolls during a recent camping trip with friends. Another family brought fixings for Spring Rolls and I made our usual Peanut Sauce. Mo ate one and then kept asking for them during the rest of the weekend. The family was so delighted she liked the rolls they gave us some rice paper to make our own. It was such an amazing gift.

Spring Rolls are so easy to make and can include many ingredients your child enjoys. They pack easy (as long as they do not touch each other) and need little, if any, refrigeration. I decided we needed to have several test runs of lunch foods before school starts so Spring Roll test one began.

Mo was my first helper and Audrey manned the camera. That is why these amazing photos look to be from about the height of a 5 year old. After watching sister enjoy the yummy Rolls Audrey wanted to try. She then made one for her papa. After lunch was over her danya (grandma) came in wanting to try their creations. It was a family affair. Too bad daddy was in town at the hobby shop.

Spring Rolls
  • rice paper
  • cabbage, chopped
  • carrots, match sticks
  • sweet peppers, sliced
  • cucumber, match sticks
  • firm tofu, match sticks or  scrambled eggs
Briefly dip the rice paper in warm water and place on a flat surface. Place toppings in the middle. Fold the two short edges in and then roll up like a burrito. The rice paper will stick to itself. Pack in leaf lettuce or wax paper and be sure to include the Peanut Butter Sauce. I recommend a little extra peanut butter and you better make a double batch, it goes quick.

Peanut sauce.

Dipping the rice paper.

Picking her veggies.

Stealing the finished roll when I went to get a plate.


Audrey's turn.

A good dip.

One for papa.

A salad in the same kitchen four years later.

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  1. These look wonderful. JDaniel is starting kindergarten this year.


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