Thursday, June 20, 2013

What's For Breakfast?

Audrey and Maurene can't read yet. They don't know what I am learning from reading Eat to Live, The China Study, and Super Immunity. Well, other than what I tell them. And hearing mommy say that cow milk was created to make healthy baby cows does not change the fact that they don't appreciate plant-based milks yet. It also does not change the fact that the higher in sugar the cereal the more they desire a bowl. 

So I am getting creative. Here are some of my tips:
  1. Don't make big changes for small children. They like the familiar.
  2. Do tell them what you are doing. You want them to learn to enjoy new tastes.
  3. Offer many tastes and let them know it is alright to not like it and even spit it out if necessary.
  4. Prepare items in many different ways. Raw, baked, steamed, and roasted all taste different.
  5. Don't be afraid to take a step back and try again later.

    Those are a few of my guidelines. Here is what I have done that has worked:
    1. Mix cow milk with plant milk. Start with  75% cow milk and slowly work from there.
    2. Cereal is an easy way to introduce new milk. The flavor is changed a little by the cereal.
    3. Mix higher sugar cereal with a lower sugar on. We like Honey Nut Cheerio's and regular. 
    4. Measure so you know where you started.
    5. Add fresh or dried fruit to the cereal.
    All of these steps have helped us have healthier mornings. My girls are not big cereal eaters and they like a variety. The problem is that dad keeps buying the Honey Nut Cheerio's. I would rather they not have 8 grams of sugar for breakfast. So I started mixing it with half regular Cheerio's. They are happy and so am I.

    Have your cereal with a Berry Green Smoothie for an even healthier start to the day!

    Happy, Healthy Child.

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