Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Newly Diagnosed with Pre-Diabetes

I shared the following story about being newly diagnosed with pre-diabetes with you recently but wanted to re-post to include some information I have learned:

As the girls get older I have been thinking a lot about what I will do with my time once they are in school full time. Audrey starts kindergarten in the fall which is full time these days. They have both been in a half day program 5 days a week all year and Audrey for the entire year before that. They love school and love the idea of going more. The major problem is going to be the entire year Audrey is in all-day and Mo only half day. Which leads me to my thoughts of going back to work.

If I go back to work the girls will both need to attend school full time. I can  move up Mo into all-day if I  am bringing in a paycheck to cover the expense. The reason I bring this up is because I am trying to decide if I go back into my chosen profession, teaching, or retrain for a career I have been coveting, registered dietitian. 

As I was contemplating these two idea and looking into the really interesting online program at one of  my state schools I had a doctor's appointment for my annual well-woman exam. While there they asked if they could test my blood sugar level because it had been several years and the guidelines have changed recently.  I love the idea of information and was hoping for a better report than last time because I have been learning and applying more about nutrition and exercise. 

The results of my test were not good. My A1C places me in the pre-diabetes category. I am Native American and use a clinic on the local Native American college so they have a program for me to attend to learn more about nutrition, exercise, and weight loss.

Funny thing is this:

Summer 2012

Hard to tell that I am 5"7 and weigh 139lbs currently. I am also currently training for a half marathon on April 21st. And nutrition is something I know a few things about. On my bedside table are no less than three books on pediatric nutrition. I have read or am currently reading them all.

Do I give up my idea of becoming a registered dietitian and teach instead? I feel I would be lying to patients if I have high blood sugar and I am counseling them on proper nutrition.

These are tough decisions to make. But I can tell you that I will be learning a lot more about diabetes. This week I meet with a nutritionist. I hope to report back with positive news.

As I learned about this I was contacted to see if I would be interested in reviewing a product called Optimal Life. I have been very busy recently but have taken the time to read through the book and have been learning a lot. The DVDs are so easy to understand and the book really goes in-depth to explain why this is something you should take seriously. I will continue to gather information from the book and DVDs and hopefully make a positive change in my life. I invite you to do the same.

This is a sponsored post and all opinions are my own.

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  1. Thank you Audrey for your review of Optimal Life: Essentials of Diabetes. We hope it helps you in your journey to learn more about diabetes


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