Friday, December 21, 2012

Plans for New Years Eve? What are you Expecting?

Recently, in the United States, the  most popular birthday has become October 5th. According to ABC the most likely date of conception is New Years Eve. In my family there are three October 5th birthdays. One of them was my mom. Her and her twin were 5th and 6th children. I cannot imagine how my grandparents had the energy to stay up late New Years Eve but apparently they did.

If you have enough energy to stay up late this year put this book on your wish list:

It is a very comprehensive book and is now available on Kindle! I read a copy when I was pregnant with my girls and found there were no questions I had after finishing. Recently I was sent another copy to review and I flipped straight to the nutrition section. That is the section I wish I had paid better attention to. There are many great tips about proper nutrition during pregnancy.

After my girls were born I read that a child's palate can form as early as in utero. Had I known that I might have consumed a more balanced diet instead of thinking I would eat healthier once I was no longer pregnant.  It was not until Maurene was a baby that I started cooking with Audrey and learning about nutrition and proper eating habits.

Learn from my mistake and pick up a copy of What to Expect When You're Expecting if you end up conceiving this New Years.

We received a review copy of this book for free. All opinions expresses are my own.

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