Sunday, December 23, 2012

Nutrition and So Much More Baby's First Year

When I was pregnant with Audrey I read every book I could find on pregnancy. Some were very helpful, others not so. But I kept reading almost until the day I gave birth. After Audrey and I came home from the hospital my in-laws stayed for a short time to help. The returned a short while later for Christmas (Audrey's birthday is December 3rd). What I realized, too late, was that I knew so much about being pregnant and almost nothing about being a parent.

Audrey and her sister were both colicky babies. They cried unless I held them and did not sleep well. As an over-tired mom there was little hope I could find time to read a good book that would answer many of the new questions I had about parenting. How often should they nurse? Is sleep training important? Should I let them cry? When will they start solid foods? Should I worry about their weight gain?

I wish I had a copy of What to Expect The First Year. This book is just as comprehensive as What to Expect When You're Expecting. After reading through a review copy I was most impressed with the  nutrition. Each month there is a section about nutrition relevant to that age. All points of view are covered from breast to bottle to store bought to homemade baby food.

There are recipes to help you make your own baby food that are simple and easy to follow and there are tips on how to feed your baby from the best store purchased foods. However you fall this book has you covered. Just remember that you are starting your baby off with a clean palate and now is the time to offer nutritious foods. 

Regardless of what you decide this book can help you through that challenging first year with baby. Get it on Kindle for an even cheaper price so you always have a copy with you.

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  1. I'm pregnant with my first and have started reading this book. It all seems so overwhelming right now but I know it's worth it to learn as much as I can before she's born.


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