Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Nutrition and More for the Second Year

Both of my girls were eating solid foods by 6 months of age. They both weaned from breast around their first birthday. And they both were in low percentiles for weight at their age. The pediatrician I used when Audrey was a baby kept asking if I knew how much to feed her and sent home countless feeding charts. 

Our pediatrician now is very patient with me as I worry over the girl's growth charts and ask tons of questions about BMI for young children and percentiles. She knows the girls are healthy and can see they are following a steady curve. I wish doctors visits would have been more relaxed when Audrey was a baby or that I had a book full of answers like What to Expect the Second Year.

Like the previous year this volume is full of information about every facet of the second year of your child's life. Again, I enjoy the sections on nutrition. If you have a toddler and have questions about sleeping, eating, or many others, please pick up this informative book.

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