Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Holiday Helpers Part 4

If you had relatives around or cooked a big meal for the holidays you might be exhausted by  now. You also might be wondering how to get those kids to help you in the kitchen. We have learned a few tips over the years to entice the girls to help clean up.
  1. Water is fun. The girls love to wash a few non-breakables in the sink. They have fun and can actually get a few items washed.
  2. Their own cleaning tools. I picked up a few brushes, buckets, and spray bottles at the dollar store. I fill with water and let them at it.
  3. Make it a contest. See who can sweep or mop the best. They love contest. Just don't make it about the fastest, they will destroy everything.
  4. Cinderella is a great role model. My girls both want to be her. I don't know if it is just mine. Every time after they see the movie they ask to scrub the floors.
Mo is the best mopper.

Cinderella did it all and got to go to the ball.

Brushes just their size.

For some reason all of this equals fun for my girls. Since we have been doing it so long they now fight over who gets to do the cool stuff like unload the dishwasher. And they have become helpful! I used to  just have them help to occupy them while I got the real work done. Now they can cook and clean!

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