Monday, December 24, 2012

Holiday Helpers Part 3

So you read Holiday Helpers Part 1 and you know how to get the kids in the kitchen with you. And after you read Holiday Helpers Part 2 and you made fabulous goodies for breakfast. So now what? Christmas is here and you are cooked and baked out. What do you do with those out-of-school kids?

Make crafts and play in the kitchen. We love to make bird feeders, recycled crayons, sidewalk paint and more!
  1. Bird Feeder. Audrey has a soft heart for all animals. She loves to care for and feed anything. We like to make these feeders and let her watch the birds eat.
  2. Recycled Crayons. Mo is not as gentle with the crayons as she needs to be so they get broken a lot. We save the pieces and melt them together to make wacky colored recycled crayons.
  3. Sidewalk Paint is generally for summer but when we get bored we make a batch and use it in the garage. I pull the car out and let them have fun.
  4. Rice, Beans, Pasta Fun. These are either tubs of dried food with toys hidden or ice cube trays with chop sticks for sorting. Both use up hours of time and are a lot of fun. Clean up is some times a challenge so I confine these to hard floor areas.
Making bird feeders.

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