Thursday, December 20, 2012

Holiday Helpers Part 1

The holidays can be a great joy but they can also add to your usual stresses. The children are out of school and there are usually different daily schedules. You might have family visiting, or you might be traveling yourself. In every case life is different for you and your child. If your darlings are like mine they pick all of the wrong times to explore or act out because of the change and that only adds to the frustration of the season.

What we have found works for us is to find ways to involve the girls in the extra chores and activities. They love to decorate and help in the kitchen. Each year we have a cookie exchange with our other play group families and we make special gifts from the kitchen to give. These fun activities, while adding a little work, make the holidays go much smoother.

Making cookies.

Here are some tips for simple ways to include your children in the kitchen this winter break:
  1. Have her select a simple yet fun breakfast to make together. Pancakes are fun as are muffins.
  2. Make cookies together. These can be gifts or donated to a local shelter if you will not eat them.
  3. Start or continue a holiday meal tradition. We have several dishes that show up each year.
  4. Use the excitement of the season to start little ones helping to clean up.
  5. Find small ways to include your child such as helping to set the table.
These are a few of the tips that help us through the season. Check back and I will share a few of our favorite cookie and muffin recipes that are simple and tasty. Baking is one of the easiest ways to get your kids in the kitchen.

Helping grandma with pies.
Loading the dishwasher.

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