Saturday, November 10, 2012

Perfectly Simple Nutrition Bar and a Race

Today is the big day. I am running my first half marathon. It is predicted to be a beautiful day and I have done all of the prep possible. If you had told me a year ago I would be doing this I would have laughed until I cried. I was not a runner. And then I convinced my friends to run a 5k with me this past April. 

From that race I made a wonderful friend and running partner out of a close acquaintance. She and I have known each other for years but never realized how much we had in common until we started running together.

It is so much easier to do something you have never done before if you have a good friend to do it with. Especially if that friend can plan a training schedule, buy race fuel, and pick up your race packet for you. I have the best running buddy.

She has stuck with me through all of the canceled training runs because I got stuck at work and has slowed down for me when I could not keep up because I fueled incorrectly (or not at all). I really appreciate her.

Recently my life has been busier than normal because of an increased work load, destination wedding, and training and I seem to always forget to eat. The girls and I have also spent a great many hours in the car driving to get stuff for the wedding, running errands for work, or going to play dates. This has meant way too many meals on the go.

If I am lucky we have the fixings for a yummy meal or snack in the house. When I was at Type-A Parent Conference in June I met some fabulous people from ZonePerfect and they shared several of their new Perfectly Simple Nutrition bars with me.
We loved the Coconut most but really, they were all amazing. The girls begged to have them in their lunches and I would split one in half for them. They are 10g of protein per bar so I had to limit them to only half a day. I love that they were low calorie and high protein with ingredients I could pronounce and identify. 

When I am on the run I may not realize until it is way past meal-time that I forgot to eat. With a Perfectly Simple Nutrition Bar in my purse I can fuel up and not tank a training run because I was too busy to eat.

Simple snack on the road.

It's a long drive, snack and a movie.

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  1. I hope your race went well! I am planning to do a half marathon in late March. I too would have laughed at the thought of doing anything like that a year ago. It's nice that we can learn new tricks!


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