Sunday, November 4, 2012

Fall Back and New Emergency Kits

Last Spring we put together a 24-hour supply of food and liquids. I got the idea from an LDS website and their recommendation was to update the kit twice a year during a conference. Since I don't know when those conferences are I decided we should replace our supply when we change the clocks. This weekend we got out our food and had a fun little party with the goodies inside.

I knew that when it came time to update the food I would not want to throw away that much food nor would I enjoy the girls eating a lot of junk so I tried to find food that was a little healthier. That is a little hard to do with consumables meant to last 6 months. My girl-friend was here when we ate the food and she was shocked the yogurt was shelf stable. 

Our original supply.

The best part about having a fun, eat the emergency kit day was that I was able to see what foods went over better and update accordingly. To the supply we added Horizon Chocolate Milk and Chicken Salad Kits as well as several bottles of water. This time we will leave out the Vienna Sausages and add  more yogurt.

Today we plan to head out to replace all the supplies and pack the four gallon zip-top bags back up with food. I will take a few pictures and hope to post them soon.

Enjoying the supplies.
Do you have an emergency kit for your family? Something as simple as a few hundred calories and some water will go a long way if you get stuck without supplies. I had no idea when I planned this post 6 months ago that it would come on the heels of a devastating storm that has some still without power and water. For us the most likely use for our kit would be if we got stuck after a tornado, but you never know. 

Please share your favorite emergency ideas or websites so we can read up on ways to keep our family safe.

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