Wednesday, September 12, 2012

What's For Lunch Wednesday, Picnic with Dad

Assorted fruit, carrots, meat, cheese, and crackers.

As a family we have been really busy lately. The girl's daddy and I are rebranding our business and upgrading infrastructure. That has meant a lot of late nights/early mornings, and even overnight shifts for day. The girls and I have not seen him much lately. So when we heard he was in the neighborhood during a recent picnic we begged him to have lunch with us. It was a beautiful moment.

The girls decided to pack very different lunches considering I set the same plate of food in front of each.

Mo helped make flavored yogurt.

Crafting their lunches.

Another friend for lunch, Muno?

Eating with daddy.

The girls had plain yogurt with a little apricot fruit spread, assorted fruits, meat, cheese, and crackers. It was a little of everything in the fridge. The cantaloupe needed a little help so I cut it into stars. The girls have taken to calling them Stars apon Thars. At least you know I read to them, right?

It all tasted better with dad. They enjoyed this meal at one of their favorite parks. 
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