Sunday, September 16, 2012

Strawberry Empanadas #SundaySupper

Simple empanadas.
It is one month until our wedding. My parents decided to come visit so my dad could take engagement-type photos and my step-mom could make the girl's dresses. I spent the week cleaning, working, and caring for the girls while also  making sure I had all needed items for the dresses. The girl's daddy worked overnights the entire week and the girls had a sleepover at school Friday night. As you are reading this I am running a 10k on The Plaza in Kansas City. It was not an easy week.

I planned this #SundaySupper to be a fun and easy way to end the week. We are celebrating Mexican Independence this week and empanadas sounded fun. Unfortunately, we got too busy to make the traditional version so I decided to cheat and use a ready-made pie crust so we could still enjoy the treat. It did not hurt that our Pampered Chef order with our new Cut-N-Seal arrived this week. 

Mo helped me roll out the dough and the girls filled the tarts. We pressed and baked them while enjoying a simple meal with grandparents. After dinner my dad took the beautiful finished photo and we enjoyed our dessert.

Even if you have a busy week it is no reason to skip out on a great way to get together with the family. Find a simple meal you can cook together and enjoy the company. Sundays are a great time to relax and catch up on the previous week before the next one is on you.

Rolling the dough.

Don't walk away, she will continue.

Filling the empanadas.

Wetting the edges.

Ready to bake.

Easy Empanadas
  • Ready-made pie crust
  • Fruit spread
Roll out dough and cut circles with a biscuit cutter or a drinking glass. Place 1-2 tsp filling on half the circles. Wet the edges of dough and place the other pieces on top. Crimp edges with fork or Cut-N-Seal. Bake at 350 degrees for 15-20 minutes or until the dough is cooked.

This one was all about Mo. Audrey helped a bit but Maurene started working on this before I got into the kitchen. Be careful about leaving a 3 year-old with a rolled out crust and a cutting tool. Mo had several circles cut out of the middle before I could guide her. It worked out as we were able to re-roll the crust and make as many as we needed.

My father took the amazing finished picture of the empanadas and he also took these of the family this weekend:

My favorite.

The girls look so good here.

I am so grateful to have such an amazing photographer in the family. And my step-mom almost completely finished both girls dresses and fitted me for mine. It is getting really close! I love having a great family to celebrate with and enjoy our #SundaySupper fun. If you would like ideas for what to make to celebrate Mexican Independence check out what the gang is cooking this week.

Join us around the family table this week for our#SundaySupper Mexican Fiesta - this is a party that you won't want to miss.  We hope to inspire you with these mouthwatering recipes from our talented contributors.  We will be sharing them all day long and would love for you to share your favorite Mexican and Mexican-inspired recipes during our#SundaySupper live chat at 7pm (Eastern).

    Sopas (Soups), Ensaladas (Salads), and Entremeses (Starters)
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    1. I think this is a very clever idea. So easy to make with little ones and I bet it is really tasty.

    2. These are certainly fast, easy and sound so tasty! Congrats on the wedding and the 10K! You´re busy! Happy sunday with your little ones!

    3. Lovely pictures, Kris! I like the strawberry idea!

    4. Good luck on your run!

      And love these easy empanadas!

    5. Awww! Your little girls looks so cute helping in the kitchen! Strawberry empanadas are one of my faves. :)

    6. What a quick and simple recipe! I'm making this for my husband when he is looking for a sweet treat.

    7. These sound like such a great dessert! Hope you had a great run :)

    8. You are such a great mom. As I always say I love seeing the kids in the kitchen. My Friday Night Cooking Class has now lead me to be teaching in the school. I can't wait!!

    9. And I thought I had a busy week! Whew.

    10. Look at the little chefs! I love seeing kids in the kitchen as well.

    11. Awwww so cute! Wish I had some little helpers in the kitchen too!

    12. What great pictures of your family! Love these easy empanadas, never thought of making them at home!

    13. I always love your pics - seeing your girls helping just makes me smile! These look delicious

    14. Such a fun and tasty treat! Sounds delish - and so great that the girls had a hand in making them!

    15. Oh, such sweet photos!! And you had quite a busy time, I don't think there's any shame in using pre-fab items once in a while - that's what they're there for. These sound delicious and I bet my kids would adore them!

    16. I've been dying to make empanadas but I wouldn't have thought to use a sweet filling-great idea!

    17. How precious is this!!! Love it, thank you for sharing.

    18. Never heard of strawberry empanadas before - only ever thought of them with a savoury filling! Nice idea, I shall commission my younger brother to make some (they'll only burn if I do it - put anything sweet in a recipe and it magically goes wrong whenever I attempt it!)

    19. Hmmm... These look like something my kids would enjoy making, especially since we could use different fillings.


      Jamie @

    20. Your children are going to become kitchen prodigies. So cute! The crimped edges look so professional!

    21. So healthy & delish ! Have to try these . love the family pics !!

    22. How sweet are they, making those empanadas! Love the pictures! I'd love strawberry empanadas!


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