Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Buy More Eggs

We have been working hard to come up with fast and fun weeknight dinners and I have to admit more than one of them has involved eggs. Our favorite is scrambled eggs, but colored! I keep pureed spinach, carrot, and beets in the freezer in 1 tbsp chunks and we pull one out anytime we want to color a dish. Scrambled eggs are so easy and fast we have had them several times over the last month. 

Never is there an easy dish that Audrey does not beg to cook. This one was no different. And if Audrey gets to do it, Mo wants in as well.

This meal each girl picked a different color egg so I let them cook their own dinners. Audrey picked green and Mo picked pink. I cracked the eggs (2) into a bowl, added a little milk and a tbsp of the proper color puree. Then I poured the mix into a greased skillet and let the girls cook.

Very serious.

Had to have her blankie.

The girls could easily have helped with even more of this meal so it is a great way to involve the kids in cooking. They can gather some of the ingredients, crack the eggs, and stir. I still have to pour the milk most times because we buy one in a glass bottle.

A fun meal in less than 10 minutes. We like to add fruit or carrot sticks to round out the meal.

What are your favorite egg dishes?

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  1. I love that, good for you for raising such adventurous foodies!


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