Monday, August 13, 2012

Muffin Tin Monday, Eat Local Challenge

Every year our local Co-op puts together an Eat Local Challenge. This is our third year to participate and we picked up our cards today. While we were at the Co-op we decided to start off right with a few local purchases we could have in our tins for lunch.

The girls selected apples, peaches, pears, tomatoes, and a bakery fresh muffin. I also allowed them to have a box of Bunny Snacks. While there I picked up some local butter for use throughout the week. It turned out to be a pretty good tin. We had already snacked on a few Bunny Snacks so lunch was pretty light.

Loading up the tins.

Audrey's tomato, apples, pear, peach, Bunny snack, and muffin tin.

Check out what the other kids had today at Muffin Tin Monday.

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  1. I love an eat local challenge. I'm a member of a farm share to help my family eat local and try to buy local, as much as possible - esp. since I live in SoCal.

  2. Looks like they will be muffin tin pros! Very cute :)

  3. Lovely tin Audrey!

    I love your blog Kris, it's so entertaining and inspiring :) Which is why I’ve awarded you the One Lovely Blog & Very Inspiring Blogger Award! You can find out all about it by clicking here You’re under no obligation to accept it, I just wanted to recognize you :) Thanks for blogging so awesomely!


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