Thursday, July 26, 2012

Why I Cook With My Children, Part 3

Starting young.

What we have learned.

My children are so much part me and so much part their father. We are spending few weeks with my in-laws and they enjoying seeing the vibrant and inquisitive side the girls got from their father. From me, I hope, my girls received an appreciation for good food. Or at least that is what I am attempting to teach them.

Since that first summer when Audrey learned to make the family favorite Strawberry Salad we have cooked together a lot. That was three summers ago and more often than not the girls help in some way with at least one meal a day. We have learned so many ways the girls can pitch in and they surprise me all the time by wanting to try something new.

Two-year-olds can chop

What started with a salad has progressed to the girls being an integral part of the meal-time prep. They love to help and sometimes fight over who gets to stir, add, or chop something. Maurene's favorite words are, 'me too!'

The girls can:

  1. Cut fruit
  2. Stir batter
  3. Crack eggs
  4. Gather ingredients
  5. Set the table
  6. Wash unbreakables
  7. Clean counters
  8. Load/unload dishwasher
  9. Roll pizza dough
  10. Sweep and mop
Don't doubt what a child can do, no  matter the age. While looking through pictures recently I came across more than I can count of the girls sweeping up one of their messes, pouring ingredients, or watching something bake in the oven. And one beautiful picture of Maurene in a high chair playing with a bowl and spatula because she wanted to help too.

Mo's second summer at the lake.

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  1. They have both grown and learned so much.

  2. Wow!
    This is so neat.. it's amazing what they can do at such a young age.
    Especially neat is the chopping!
    Also the egg cracking - now you have to teach them to do it with one hand :)


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