Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Why I Cook With My Children, Part 2

Papa helping Audrey.

This part is difficult.

I was so enamored with the dinner routines at the home of my in-laws because the evening meals at my home were less than ideal. My parents separated before I can remember. When I was six we moved in with my mother's second husband. The years that followed were the closest to a traditional home life I would know. My parents worked and my step-father wanted a nice meal on the table at six. This left little time for a tasty dinner.

My mother and Audrey.

Many evenings we had something bland from the slow cooker and others a bird was cooked until tasteless. My mother passed on her Chicken  Mushroom Soup Recipe and taught me to make blue box mac and cheese. 

I can remember sitting in front of a bowl of beans and begging my mother for more ketchup in the hopes of making it taste better. These are not the memories I want my girls to have. I hope they remember happy family gatherings and evenings spent enjoying food.

Audrey shopping.

The battles that many parents, myself included, have at the dinner table can make sitting down together less than happy. When we cook together we can appreciate the meal better and fight less about what we are eating. I try to include my girls in any way I can. They plan meals, shop for food, and cook the meals with me.

My mother did her best. I am trying to do mine. At the age of 36 I decided to learn to cook. Audrey and Maurene are helping me. Before I had children I never understood the need to learn something like cooking or how to eat healthy. Now as a mom I know why my mom tried her best to get me to eat those awful beans. They are healthy.

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