Sunday, July 22, 2012

Pulled Pork & Papa Mike's Cole Slaw #SundaySupper

A  meal fit for a Southern Queen.

We are participating in #SundaySupper again. It has become such a great way to interact and work with others to join us in cooking as a family.

You may have noticed a lack of posts this week. We are on vacation and I have let the cooking slip. It happens every year at the lake house. The girls are having far too much fun to help as often in the kitchen. I do not mind but did not want to miss this Sunday.

We are sharing recipes from The Mom 100 Cookbook by Katie Workman. We have only cooked a few recipes out of this book but they have all been amazing. The table of contents makes me hungry.

This week we decided to do something completely different for us and boy, are we glad we did. Usually when we have pulled pork sandwiches we purchase a tub of cooked, shredded pork. Before this recipe we thought that tub of meat tasted good. Now we know better.

Since we are on vacation we are hanging out a lot more around the house so we had time to make this delicious but long-cooking dish. When we make this at home I will certainly put it in the slow cooker instead of the oven. That way we can have dinner ready for us and not heat up the kitchen for the 4-5 hour cooking time.

Adding a little broth.

Me too, says Mo.

Shredding is a tough job.

We are partial to KC Masterpiece.

Dressing up the slaw.

  • 1 bone-in pork butt (5 to 6 pounds)
  • Kosher or coarse salt and freshly ground pepper
  • about 3 cups low-sodium chicken or beef broth
  • 1 tbsp liquid smoke
  • 4 cups barbecue sauce
  • about 1/2 cup cider vinegar
  • sliced rolls
  • coleslaw and pickles (Papa Mike's coleslaw recipe to follow)
Place pork in a large pot with a lid and season with salt and pepper. Pour broth around the pork until it comes about one quarter way up the sides of the meat. Add liquid smoke to the broth (we left it out). Cover pot and put it in a 350 degree oven.

The meat is done when it is falling apart, 3 1/2 to 5 hours; use a fork to pull at the pork and it will really start to come apart. The internal temperature will register 190 to 200 degrees. Remove the pork from the oven and let it sit for 15 to 20 minutes. Remove pork from the pot and discard the cooking liquid. Cut the fatty parts from the meat, then use two forks to pull the meat apart, shredding it into small pieces. Place the shredded meat in a large bowl.

Warm the barbecue sauce in a small pot over medium heat (we found no need to do this as the meat was hot enough to warm it). Mix the meat with barbecue sauce and cider vinegar. Pile the pulled pork on rolls or just serve it with a big spoon, with coleslaw and pickles.

Audrey and Maurene's Tasks:
  1. Add broth to pot
  2. Season pork with salt and pepper
  3. Shred pork
  4. Mix with sauce
Mom's Tasks:
  1. Gather ingredients
  2. Place pork in pot
  3. Cook pork
  4. Cut fat from pork
As you can see this is a very simple meal. It does take a long time to cook but it makes enough to feed a small army, or my friend Aprile's family. 

Freeze half of the leftovers as we did and have another dinner later with absolutely no work. We placed the other half of the leftovers in the fridge for easy lunches for the week. I doubt the tub lasts that long.
On to Papa Mike's Coleslaw. This is an unusual recipe and one I never truly appreciated until this meal. It goes perfect with pulled pork!

  • 1 cup sugar
  • 1 cup oil
  • 1 tsp salt
  • 1 tsp dry mustard
  • 1 medium white onion
  • 1/2 cup vinegar
  • 1 tsp celery seed
Mix first six ingredients in a food processor and blend. Pour into a container with a lid and add celery seed. Refrigerate. Best if made a day in advance. Mix with bagged slaw mix. 

The flavor is not like the sweet slaw you get from the fried chicken place or like the spicier cracked black pepper kind from some Southern restaurants. This is a tangy yet sweet variety that tastes amazing with pulled pork!

Another fabulous #SundaySupper success!

The Sunday Supper Group has enjoyed creating Katie’s recipes.  We are honored to have Katie as our guest during our #SundaySupper live chat at 7:00 pm est.  Join us and chat with Katie about being a mom, kids and Spending time Around the Family Table.
We will be giving away 3 copies of the Mom 100 Cookbooks. This is an event you don’t want to miss!!
Here are some  favorites we will be sharing with you during #SundaySupper this week.

Main Dish:
Wine pairing Wine Everyday  @wineeveryday
We will be sharing great family recipes all afternoon and want you to share yours with us! #SundaySupper starts every week at 3:00pm ET by showcasing fabulous recipes. At 7:00 pm ET, we will start our live chat with Katie.  Join us on twitter by using hashtag #Sundaysupper or using Tweetchat.  We love to feature your recipes on our #sundaysupper pinterest board and share them with all our followers.

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  1. Mmmmm....pulled pork. Love it! Thanks for sharing this recipe today for #SundaySupper

    1. We love it now, too! Such a wonderful cookbook.

  2. Mmmmm...this meal would be a hit in our house! And yes, homemade pulled pork is miles above "tub" pork ;)

    1. I might sound silly when I say that but I am learning right along with the girls. We love it!

  3. Yum!!!

    And we too love this cookbook! We can't quit making things out of it!

    1. I got mine on Kindle and now take it with me everywhere. We are vacationing and still enjoying it.

  4. I really want to try that Cole Slaw with the vinegar base!

    1. I like it. It is a little different. Best part of the recipe is that it makes a big batch, like the pulled pork!

  5. We made this one last time we featured Katie, my family absolutely loved it!! Great tip on freezing it, why don't I ever think of that!!

    1. It feeds a small army and I have two tiny girls. Best part is you can save some undressed and use it for other recipes.

  6. Replies
    1. SO glad to hear. When we return to 100 degree heat it will go straight back on the menu.

  7. Nothing like crock pot pulled pork! Bet you are addicted now. Freezing is a good idea for us being a family of just two now.

    Have a great Sunday!

    1. I really am addicted. Plus I have a farmer who grows pigs for us. I can get healthy and tasty meals so easy!

  8. What a cute helper & a great pulled pork dish! Glad to share Sunday Supper with you!

    1. Thanks, she was really working at it!

  9. Pulled pork is addictive, it sounds fantastic! Your little helpers are adorable as usual!

    1. Mo cannot help but jump in to help. I had to make her wait her turn.

  10. BBQ, beans and slaw sound like a perfect #SundaySupper for me!

    Jamie @

    1. My entire family ate so much we could not move after dinner. It was an amazing meal. Ready to cook the rest of the book now!

  11. Can I just tell you, I can't wait to read your posts every week because of your little cuties. I love that you have them cook with you. These memories will last a lifetime. Thank you for the awesome #SundaySupper inspiration.

    1. Thanks! We love being part of this group. It is exactly what we are trying to do, bring families together through food.

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