Wednesday, June 6, 2012

What's For Lunch Wednesday, Hiking

Trail lunch.

While we were at Devil's Den we packed lunch and went on a three mile hike on our favorite trail, Yellow Rock. Audrey did the packing and Mo the sulking. 

Enjoying the trail.

We had PB&Js (not Mo's favorite), pretzels, fresh fruit, pineapple, and trail mix! The girls enjoyed the trail mix almost more than the fresh fruit and we all know how much they love fruit.

Filling the lunch box.

We took our lunches and hit the trail. I took some photos and planned to put together a photographic essay but it really was just a collection of pictures of Mo being two. It was a great adventure and I am so glad we were able to enjoy the experience.

Eating lunch at the lookout.

The raison d'etre.

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