Thursday, June 21, 2012

Mom's Away Lasagna

I am away at a conference these next few days and wanted to leave my family fun and easy dinners. The girls helped me make two easy to pop in the oven casserole type dishes that should feed a small army for a few days. Or at least two small girls and their daddy.

One of the dishes is for our #SundaySupper post. Be sure to check back to see how easy it was to make and how tasty looking.

The other dish is a family favorite, Daddy's Favorite Lasagna. Normally we make this and bake it right away but this time I covered it and wrote directions for baking on the foil. Don't you love Sharpies?

Maurene helped me with the Lasagna and let me just share this tip. No matter how experienced or talented your almost three year old helpers is, don't tell her to spread the shredded cheese and then walk away. It could end badly. 

Here is a picture from last October when Maurene helped me make this dish.

Stirring the cheese, her favorite part.

A final result. 

I wanted to leave my family with easy to fix homemade meals. What dishes do you like to make ahead for traveling or busy days?

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