Tuesday, June 12, 2012

A French Lunch

Audrey has become more independent lately. When lunch time arrives she runs to the kitchen so she can be the on to plan and make the meal. Even though her skills are still limited to opening lids and filling a cold platter, she has done well. This is her latest creation:

A fruit and cracker plate with yogurt.

The strawberries came from our garden. Crackers are kept on a high shelf and the apricot and yogurt are in the fridge. She made sure to tell me repeatedly that she was making lunch and I was to stay out of the kitchen. I only entered to take the picture. 

This meal comes with no recipe and no how to except let your children explore. They will learn. In the grocery store this week several people stopped to ask about my helpers. Audrey had a list and Maurene was making suggestions. There was no doubt who was in charge and it wasn't me. I added a few items they forgot and we had a grand time.

What have you let your child plan? A meal, an outing, an evening? I would love to hear about it or see pictures on Facebook.

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