Friday, June 8, 2012

Five Fun Cookout Foods

Shucking corn.
We went camping. And we have been doing a lot of cooking out, at home and at the park. Fortunately for us there are a number of great parks with cooking grills in our town. The girls think playing at the park while mommy or daddy cooks is the greatest thing. They love it so much they will gladly clean the kitchen and pack all of our picnic supplies for the fun evening meal. Here are a few of our favorite meals to enjoy al fresco.
  1. Chicken Packets. We make these up and just throw them on the grill when we get there. So simple and so yummy.
  2. Grilled Pizza. This was a recent find and we are in love. Even Mo loved this pizza and she does not like much other than bananas and cheese. And crackers, she loves crackers. Does Ritz want to sponsor us?
  3. Corn on the Cobb. Most make this on the grill, we like it boiled just to perfection. If we include it in a meal to go I simply wrap the cooked ears in foil.
  4. No Bake Energy Bites. Another recent find. They make up easy and travel well. We love them at the park or straight from the bowl. Don't tell we eat them from the bowl.
  5. Walking Tacos. This is a meal to make before heading to the park. Or for having a party in the back yard. Simple, portable, fabulous. They are an instant favorite.
What is your favorite food for cookouts or camping? 

Chopping mushrooms for Chicken Packets.

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