Thursday, June 14, 2012

Big News

I have been working more and have had less time to cook with the girls these last few weeks. Mostly we have been enjoying the summer and have been spending less time in the kitchen.

Instead of leaving you with nothing I thought I would share an exciting piece of information. 

It is a very poorly kept secret that the girl's daddy and I never married before we had the girls. It was a personal choice but we have decided to change it. This past Christmas we got engaged and are planning a fall destination wedding. 

Our favorite place to relax is Devil's Den State Park, our recent mini vacation. We went there to get away but I also was taking a look around and making plans. Plans for our ceremony.

I am working with my mother-in-law and step-mother to plan a nice weekend. They are both very helpful and have tons of ideas. I am undecided. Everyone is driving or flying in so we will be providing all the meals, including an evening dinner party. All of the cabins have a full kitchen. We will have to have everything made or make it ourselves. The closest city of any size is over 30 minutes away.

Since it is in the country I would love an outdoor yet classy feel to the food. Could you help? I have a Pinterest Board for this and would love feedback and new ideas.

Ceremony to take place October 14, 2012.

Ceremony location.
Reception location.
Our mini vacation.
She doesn't cater yet.

What do you think? Please share ideas here or on Facebook.

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