Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Whats' For Lunch Wednesday, Turkey Rollups

Several for the road.

Since the girl's daddy and I own a small business vacations can be a bit tricky. When everything goes right we sneak off for much needed R&R. We recently took a short trip to our favorite hiking spot at the Devil's State Park in Arkansas. It is a fabulous old CCC camp with a variety of hikes for novice through more experienced.

The girls and I planned a nice menu and packed a few items for the road. This lunch was put together by Maurene for our 4 hour car ride to the park.

Rolling it up!

 Maurene helped me roll turkey and cheese and spear on cocktail stirrers with pineapple tidbits. She added mandarin oranges, pretzels, and carrots to round out the lunch. These went over very well on the road and the girls loved the cocktail sticks.

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I will share a few pictures from our hikes in the next few weeks.

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  1. Looks so neat,what a great job! The photo of her rolling them up is precious!


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