Wednesday, May 16, 2012

What's For Lunch Wednesday, Banana Wraps for Mo

Banana wraps and fruit

Mo has had a case of the terrible twos lately. Her grandparents came to visit and when grandma left she said Mo was a bit more of a challenge this time. That made me chuckle a little because Mo is so much like her daddy in many ways. I think grandma is just a little older this time around. And she reads this blog so we have to be nice. 

Everything is no. If I give Mo a choice in the morning of what to wear she will say, 'nothing' in a sad little voice. She is grumpy in the mornings and at midday when she needs her snack. Lunches can be a challenge unless you have bananas, graham crackers, or cheese, and afternoons are shot because she needs a nap and won't take one. Evenings are total meltdown because she is hungry but only wants milk and chicken and then does not want to brush her teeth or put on pajamas.

I love my Mo. She is everything I love about her father but in a smaller, irrational package. Her father is driven, passionate, focused, and did I say driven? I always tell people he has two speeds: On, and Off, and Off is asleep. Mo is that way but two years old.

She will be amazing at 35. Today she wanted bananas. I relented and helped her make banana and peanut butter wraps for the girls. Mo ate the banana, leaving the wrap behind. Audrey unwrapped the banana, took a few bites and then opted for the peanut butter covered wrap to nibble on instead. Both enjoyed the other fruit.

Checking out the picks.

Check out what the other kids had today at What's For Lunch Wednesday. I hope not all of them are two.

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  1. We make a version of this with Nutella! YUM!

  2. It is very cute! At first glance it looks like a cake with strawberries on top.


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