Thursday, May 17, 2012

Pick Your Own

This week we completed an item on our bucket list. We have yet to publish our list this year but this item is a holdover from last summer. 

Strawberry picking season is short and if you blink you miss it. We caught one of the last days and had a blast! It was warm and there was no mud anywhere. The strawberries were so ripe the entire area smelled sweet. We only stayed for a short time and picked around 5lbs. It was just enough for us to enjoy the experience and left us wanting to do it again soon.

We have gone to pick your own for many other vegetables but never strawberries. I thought the girls would immediately shove their faces full of the beloved fruit. When they did not even try one I offered them each a ripe berry as we were walking away. Then the had to sit at the bench after we paid and devour several more. 

I let them have free reign on the strawberries until they were finished. Several of the really ripe mushy ones ended up in a fabulous dessert we had after dinner. It was an amazing fruit juice soaked whole grain bread.  Check back for that recipe soon. 

We will be picking several more crops in the future, have you ever picked your own?

They went right to work.

She was so serious about her work.

Their haul.

Enjoying the pickings.

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