Monday, May 28, 2012

Muffin Tin Monday, Memorial Day

We took our vacation early so this Memorial Day finds us at home enjoying Muffin Tin Mondays in new star tins. This is a holiday close to our hearts as the girl's daddy is active duty with the Kansas Air National Guard. He is a First Lieutenant with the 177th Information Aggressor Squadron. Recently he spent 6 weeks away from us and we are so grateful to have him back.

French Toast with Sides.
Audrey made this amazing tin mostly by herself. I helped by cooking the french toast and cutting it into slices. The rest was her. Well, I poured the syrup as well. The girls enjoyed fruit, french toast, and a little syrup to dip them in.

Dipping the bread.

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  1. Well, please let him know that one of your readers is very grateful! Six weeks is along time, I bet you guys are glad he is home.... Anyone that is in the service or loves someone in the service gives so much .... Thank you!

    That tin is cute and what a great idea... I borrowed your muffin cup thingy idea; I bought colorful ones and give my girls special treats in them... They love it.

  2. So happy that Daddy is home! Great idea with the french toast and sides! YUM :)


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