Friday, May 18, 2012

Five Fun Summer Foods

Audrey asked recently if it was summer. In our fair city the temperature climbed to the high 80s this week. We went to our favorite little market and purchased local ice cream. The girls wore shorts and dripped ice cream all over their legs. It was hard to explain that summer is still over a month away. I told her it would be June 22nd. She asked me to let her know. In order to prepare for that day I thought I would share our favorite summer foods to make and eat.
  1. Breakfast Banana Ice Cream. Yes, ice cream for breakfast. It is healthy and yummy!
  2. Mango Soup. Or any fruit soup, really. They are a cool and easy way to enjoy the bounty of summer fruit. 
  3. Green Monster. You have to try this. Stop letting the green color stop you and give it a try.We love them.
  4. Fruit Salad. Another simple way to use fruit. We love to mix whatever is fresh and enjoy.
  5. Banana Split Breakfast. This is more of a parfait with bananas but it is yummy just the same.
None of these require heat and they are all sure to please. Get the blender or food processor out and get busy!

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