Friday, May 11, 2012

Five For Friday, Fun!

So excited to make her own breakfast!

I have been putting together lists of one kind or another most Fridays for a little bit now. They include favorite meals or cooking with kids tips. Now I would like to share, in honor of Mother's Day, the five things I love about cooking with my children:

  1. The pride they share when a task is completed well. I exclaimed once how good a meal was, Audrey proudly said it was because she made it.
  2. Fun time with the girls. Sometimes between the hurry to activities and the reminder to pick up the shoes I forget to have fun with my girls. Cooking together is an easy way to solve that.
  3. I am teaching them something great. Real food is not something my mother was able to share. It was the late '70s/early '80s and everyone was in love with convenience. Audrey is learning the difference between a zucchini and a cucumber.
  4. It may not be much but I know they eat better when they help cook a meal. Audrey is a lot more likely to try food out of curiosity when she helps with prep. They also better understand the yummy ingredients we place in dishes and like to see how they taste.
  5. How much more fun is it to enjoy food you created?! Had I known I would enjoy cooking so much I might have started before the age of 36.
What is your favorite things about the kitchen? Cooking, eating, baking?

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  1. This are great tips! JDaniel always wants to eat what he makes.

    1. I admit it took a while with Audrey. She is so much more adventurous now! If we could get Mo to eat more than just bananas and cheese!

  2. I love your list. I so admire how you let your girls do so much in the kitchen! This is something I would like to do more, but struggle with - I have a hard time not stepping in and taking over! You are an inspiration :)

    1. It is easier than you think! Audrey helps set the table, get ingredients out, even a little meal planning. It all started with a strawberry and lettuce salad.


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