Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Fabulous Summer Dinners with Family

Delicious Light Summer Dinners to Make for Your Family

In general, summer foods should be kept simple and light, so that eating them is a refreshing break from the day. Winter dishes are often intentionally heavy to help you feel warm and comforted in cold months. Summer fare, on the other hand, should be fairly quick to make and get you ready for an evening or afternoon of family fun. For information on learning to cook a wide range of meals, look at www.onlineuniversities.net for available culinary arts programs.
  • Salads – One of the simplest and lightest meals that really takes advantage of the summer bounty are salads. While lettuce can work just fine to start off this type of meal, a really great salad goes well beyond the first ingredient. You can add a wide range of fruits and vegetables to the foundation of a salad. With so many different types of produce in season during the summer months, everything from asparagus and artichoke hearts to strawberries and orange slices can make a delicious summer salad.
    Salads may seem like a secondary dish, but a large and diverse one can easily become the focus of a meal. Adding hard-boiled eggs or slices of grilled chicken breast is a great way to put protein into a salad, though some nuts and beans can also be used for this. Light dressings using only some olive oil or vinegar and various seasonings keep the taste of the salad fresh without adding a heavy sauce.
  • Sandwiches – There are many different types of sandwiches that you can make for a great summer meal, for both lunch and dinner. Chicken and tuna salad sandwiches are often ideal, since the filling can be made ahead of time and they are served cold. During hot summer months, a cold sandwich and salad make a great meal that keeps you from feeling too full or heavy. Only some mayonnaise and meat are necessary, though adding relish, diced celery, and other ingredients can make a delicious sandwich even better.
  • Grilling – Elaborate summer meals often involve a barbeque and grilling as the warm weather is ideal for cooking outdoors. If you are interested in learning to cook, you might consider online courses that can teach you what you need to know to become a fantastic home chef. These classes instruct you on how to grill, poach and roast a wide range of different foods. Steaks, cheeseburgers and chicken are all ideal for outdoor cooking, though a grill can be used on lighter foods like fresh fish and even vegetables such as asparagus, onions and potatoes in a pouch.
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