Wednesday, April 4, 2012

What's For Lunch Wednesday, Mini Sandwiches & #HAWMC

Mini PB&J, grapes, cheese, veggie chips.

On Tuesdays, after Maurene's movement class, we head to the library for storytime and to check out books. The stories this week were all about wind and rain because it was a windy and rainy day. After the stories our librarian brought out a large umbrella and told how her mother would have them picnic under something similar on rainy days. 

I loved the idea! So I pulled out a large umbrella and we picniced in the living room during a rainy day. Audrey made the mini sandwiches and Maurene picked out the grapes cheese. I added the Veggie chips and eggplant chips. It was a successful meal.

Making mini sandwiches.
Rainy day picnic.

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The prompt for Health Activist Writers Month Challenge today is:

Reflect on why you write about your health for 15-20 minutes without stopping.

This is easy. I write for my girls. I write because I want them, and others, to know how to live healthy. I write because my mother and step-father both died of heart attacks at the age of 52. 

I miss them. But I do not want to pass on the unhealthy habits that brought about their untimely demise to my children. We are learning, all of us, to cook and live in positive and healthy ways.

We talk about why we eat healthy and make the food choices we do. The girls and I got our garden started this week. I hope to have a few pictures up soon. I hope that all of the choices I make will encourage my girls to live healthier lives. And I want to live past the age of 52, to see both of my girls grow up.

I miss my parents but I am focusing on the future and not the past.

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  1. that is a great reason! sometimes the hard parts of our past help us learn to better the future of our children. it only makes you a stronger parent!

  2. What a great sandwich, little, and perfect for kids, love it!! It would be a fun sandwich to take when I travel for work:-) Take care, Terra


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