Monday, April 16, 2012

Muffin Tin Monday, Spaghetti & #HAWMC

Spaghetti and produce. 

I know I have mentioned this before but it has been a little busy around here. With the girl's daddy gone and tax season I have been working more than usual. We have also been keeping up with our usual busy schedule with dance classes, music lessons, karate, family visits, and such. This weekend we helped out with a fundraiser for Relay For Life that raised over $4000. It was a spaghetti feed and we were sent home with a large pan of  leftover spaghetti.

As you might know, we made several pasta dishes the last few weeks so I was reluctant to have yet another pasta meal but the price was right and the fridge is a little bare. So we pulled out some fresh produce and made the best of it.

Loading up tins.

The strawberries look a little mushed because I let Maurene cut them and she does not have gentle fingers. She is learning. Besides, they did not mind one bit.

Her silly face.

Check out what everyone else had in their tins this week at Muffin Tin Monday.

The Health Activist Writer's Month Challenge post for today is to create a pin board on Pinterest. Good thing I already have one!

Follow our board, In The Kitchen With Audrey, and see all of the things that catch our attention.

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