Monday, April 9, 2012

Muffin Tin Monday, Banana Split & #HAWMC

Fresh and frozen fruit, organic cereals, and yogurt.

We were with relatives over the weekend so I did not do much blogging. If I had been smart I could have written a few posts and had them ready but I am claiming the overworked mother card today. The girl's father is still out of town during the week so it is up to me to run our business in his absence.

There was not much fresh to eat so I dug through the freezer and came up with the idea for a healthy banana split. It really is not much more than the parfaits we had recently with the Organic Cascadian Farms Frozen Fruit. Putting the ingredients into a muffin tin and giving it a special name meant they ate a lot more of it.

Maurene kept asking me for more cold blueberries the rest of the day and Audrey decided to paint her arms and legs with blueberry juice right before school. I need to remember to put Cascadian Farms Frozen Blueberries on my grocery list and you need to enter to win a fabulous picnic basket from the folks at Cascadian Farms.

Look at that face!

Check out what the other children had in their muffin tins at Muffin Tin Monday.

I also missed a few days of the Health Activist Writer's Month Challenge but I am glad I did not miss today. Our challenge was to write a Keep Calm slogan and make a poster out of it. Such a cute idea. Mine is not very original but I like it.

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