Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Menu by Audrey and #HAWMC

I try to always give my girls choices. They are encouraged to provide input on food selection and meal preparation. Recently Audrey has taken this serious and provided me with this menu:

What we are having.

I added the text she directed. After receiving the menu from the chef I went about finding a way to accommodate her. We had the pasta and sauce but I was a little uncertain how to provide cherries until I remembered a few frozen from the last time we made Fruit & Nut cookies. I dug it all out and added a few extra items to make it more of a well rounded meal.

Good choices.
Audrey sat back and was more of a supervisor to this meal and directed me in preparation and plating. Just as I was tossing the pasta with tomato sauce and chopping chicken sausage Maurene decided the meal also needed bread. I did the best I could which was nothing more than sandwich bread. Cutting it into a fun shape was enough to make the girls happy with the addition.

Audrey's meal.

Sometimes dinner can be simple and still very tasty. The most complicated step in the meal was boiling the water for the pasta. I actually tossed the frozen chicken sausage in with the pasta to boil and micro cooked the edemame. I tossed the pasta and chopped sausage with sauce and called it dinner. The girls loved it!

Day 3 of The Health Activist Writer’s Month Challenge prompt is:

If you had a superpower – what would it be? How would you use it?

My superpower would be the ability to empower people to eat healthier. 

Sometimes people feel overwhelmed by what they do not know. With the knowledge of how easy healthy cooking can be I feel many would make different choices. We try to make good choices ourselves and share those choices so that others may learn.

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