Friday, April 6, 2012

Five Favorite Bunny Foods & #HAWMC

Bunny pancakes.

Today we are off to St. Louis to be with family for the holidays. It is plural because we have Jewish relatives as well. We are invited for Passover and will be celebrating Easter with my in-laws. That is a lot of celebrating for one weekend. 

Before we leave I thought I would share five of our favorite bunny shaped foods. In no particular order:
  1. Homemade fruit snacks. We made these in our new silicon bunny mold.
  2. Carrot muffins. These are a carrot version of our favorite healthy muffins. So yummy.
  3. Bunny Shaped Pancakes (see above photo). Maurene helped me make pancake batter and I shaped the batter into bunny shaped pancakes. The girls loved this.
  4. Bunny sandwiches. A simple cookie cutter can turn a boring PB&J into a fun lunch.
  5. Bunny Biscuits. We never got around to making these but they look so cute!
Stirring together mix.

audrey is helping me write and she just typed her name (with help).

Today for Health Activist Writer's Month Challenge we are encouraged to write a Haiku. Will you laugh if I admit I have never written one? Not even in school. And I went to a good public high school. Part of the reason Audrey's daddy and I are planning Montessori for both girls as long as that is an option. 

I am going to attempt a haiku anyway.

Food is nourishment
Make good choices for your health
You can change today

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