Wednesday, March 7, 2012

What's For Lunch Wednesday, Spring Flowers

Letting her flowers grow in the sun.

The girls and I are loving the beautiful weather this week! We packed a fun picnic lunch and headed to the park. Audrey and Maurene both love meat and cheese so I helped them cut flowers out and place them on the a bed of bread. I also helped them place the meat and cheese 'crusts' under the bread. A girl can never have too much cheese in Maurene's opinion.

The flower stems were made with celery because that is all we had. Next time I think we will use green pepper. I also packed them little containers of ranch for dipping. Audrey had the idea to add a sun but all we had were blood orange that resembled a sun. It worked. Also, time for mom to go grocery shopping.

Building their flower beds.

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  1. Cute lunch and it is great that your girls helped you make it.

  2. I love this indoor gardening project.


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