Wednesday, March 28, 2012

What's For Lunch Wednesday, Cascadian Farms

Bunnies like carrots and celery.

It is getting close to Earth Day. We love celebrating holidays that are about doing good. When I mentioned this holiday to Audrey she asked me what it meant. The best I could come up with for a four-year-old was it is a good day to love the Earth and learn how to protect it. She liked that idea.

We were recently contacted by Cascadian Farms and asked if we wanted to participate in their Earth Day celebration. Cascadian Farms is one of our favorite organic products so I jumped at the opportunity. They sent an amazing package full of yummy organic products. The girls got into the granola bars immediately.

Tearing the wrapper off.

Enjoying her yummy snack.

As I said we are big fans of Cascadian Farms and only recently learned they made granola bars. And they sent us blueberry jam as well as a box of granola. I have to admit to having several bowls of the granola as a midnight snack. Of course I saved some for the girls as well. They were just as excited by the blueberry fruit spread as I was the granola. I helped Maurene make a blueberry fruit spread and peanut butter bunny sandwich for a picnic lunch.

Cutting sandwiches is hard work.

We packed our fun bunny lunches into our new picnic basket and headed out for a picnic with friends on a fine March day. In Kansas you never know what a fine day will look like. Our picnic was stalled before we even got to the park. No matter, we packed up and invited friends to our house for a picnic in the living room.

No raining on our picnic.

Check back with us to see how we enjoyed some of the other organic products by Cascadian Farms and what we are doing to change for the better. Better yet, head over to Facebook and "like" Cascadian Farms so you can keep up with the Earth Day Celebration there. Earth Day is a great way to learn and celebrate the Earth!

And to see what everyone else is having for lunch check out What's For Lunch Wednesday.

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