Thursday, March 8, 2012

Hot Potato, Hot Potato

Scrubbing potatoes.

Children's songs just seem to get stuck in my head. The girls like The Wiggles, Yummy Yummy CD and so we listen to it frequently. Since it is a food focused CD there are a lot of food songs, like Hot Potato. Here it is so you can get it stuck in your head. Go on, invite the kids over to watch as well:

After we hear that song we like to have potatoes for dinner. And the girls get to help! They always like to scrub the dirt away and make them clean enough to eat. If we are having baked potatoes Audrey gets to poke the skin. If it is a mashed potato night Maurene loves to operate the mixer to make them creamy and smooth.

I have so many pictures of them scrubbing potatoes. They just look so cute. I put a little water in the bottom of the sink and pull a chair up. Sometimes they fight, sometimes they share, or sometimes they work solo. It is a great way to involve them anyway it happens.

Cleaning vegetables for a meal is a great way to include your child in cooking. Even if they get a little water on the floor it is worth the time they stay occupied.

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