Friday, March 23, 2012

Five Spring Foods, Come Link Your Favorites

Making Green Monsters.

Spring is here! It has been so Spring-like in our area, warmer temperatures, green grass, lots of rain, that we have been thinking about fun Spring foods. For us that means crisp greens, asparagus, and flower sandwiches. Here is a list of our Five Favorite Spring Foods:
  1. Asparagus Soup. Actually, any preparation method is a favorite. The girls love to go pick the tender shoots and then help me break the stalks. We save the tenderest for roasting and the larger stalks for soup.
  2. Flower Sandwiches. We make these in a different shapes. This flower one was to remind us how the flowers grow.
  3. Strawberry Salad. This is a paternal family favorite and the salad that brought Audrey into the kitchen. When we are out of strawberries we make it with crisp pears.
  4. Green Monsters. This is a repeat from the green food post but since it is made with spinach we have been enjoying it more recently. Fresh spring spinach means fresh green monsters!
  5. Strawberry Freezer Jam. This is so easy to make with the kids and the rewards are almost instant. As soon as the pick-your-own farms open up we will be out picking strawberries and stocking the freezer.
What are your favorite Spring foods? Come share them with us!

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  1. Thanks for the Spring Inspiration!

  2. We love strawberry salad at my house too.

  3. Hmm... I will think about it and make a post! Love yours!

  4. We just did a yellow meal to bring in Spring! :)


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