Saturday, March 24, 2012

24-Hour Emergency Food Kit

My supplies.

I was surfing around Pinterest the other day while I should have been cleaning and came across an interesting post about potty-training in a day. I read the article and realized it was for children who do not know how to associate peeing with the potty. Maurene knows she should pee in the potty but she does not always want to stop what she is doing and go. We are getting better but it may take several weeks, just like it did with Audrey, for her to get tired of being wet and having to stop what she is doing and change her pants. I am ok with this. 

Anyway, while on the potty-training site I found a post for a 72-hour emergency kit. The blogger spoke about getting her kits updated twice a year and it made me realize that I had no idea what shape my emergency supplies were in. We live in Kansas and tornado season is not a good time to be without emergency supplies. 

It turned out all of my food supplied expired in 2009 so I have not been keeping up with that important parenting chore. None of the food was salvageable so I tossed it all and planned a quick trip to the store. 24-hour emergency kits for four people are not that hard to put together. The hard part was deciding what to include.

When I thought about how I would feel about the girls eating junk food in an emergency I realized I did not care. What I did care about was throwing the food away every six months as I updated the kits. For this reason I selected foods I did not mind the girls eating as they helped me update our supplies. This could be the treat for helping with the chore.

I selected fruit cups in 100% juice, unsweetened apple sauce, raisins, Goldfish Crackers, single peanut butter servings, crackers, granola bars, fruit and vegetable juice boxes, lemonade packets, and Vienna Sausages. I had a hard time with the last product and could be easily steered to a similar product that was not mechanically separated. 

I divided the items into 4 piles and placed each pile into a gallon zip-top bag. All the bags went into a roller backpack from my college days. This backpack in kept in the garage which is on the way to the basement if we need to take shelter from a tornado. It is also easy to grab if we needed to leave by car,

The only items I want to add to the bag are boxes of Horizon shelf stable milk and small bottles of water. I keep gallon jugs of water in the garage as well as in the freezer in the basement.

My plan is to update this kit each change in Daylight Savings Time. Same as I do with the smoke detectors. The girls will help me next time and will be allowed to make a fun picnic out of the previous supplies. 
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