Wednesday, February 22, 2012

What's For Lunch Wednesday, Rockstar

Mo's superstar sandwich.

The girls have gotten a little bored with sandwiches. As much as Audrey loved them last summer she is over them right now. In order to get them to eat something other than crackers I looked around for new sandwich ideas. Some awesome mom pressed stars into sandwiches for a super-hero birthday party. I wish I knew where I found the idea. Sadly, I forgot to pin it.

Making the cool lunch.

These lunches were for after our Wednesday morning play group so I did not encourage the girls to pack much. We have snacks available all morning so they usually do not eat much for this particular lunch. The sandwiches, carrots and a few grapes were actually more than enough because the weather was so nice we went outside. The girls were too busy playing to eat. Maybe they can eat them tomorrow.

Check out what the other families packed for What's For Lunch Wednesday.

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