Wednesday, February 1, 2012

What's For Lunch Wednesday, Love

A lovely lunch.

I left the heart cookie cutters out on the counter after making Pizza With Love. The girls decided they needed to use said hearts to make cool lunches. Mo wanted cheese. I wanted them to eat something nutritious after a weekend with dad. A heart-shaped peanut butter and jelly sandwich and heart shaped cheese cut-outs were quickly decided on.

Pay no attention to the toddler on the chair.

Mo found her own task.

Cutting sandwiches is hard.

A garage picnic, with cheese!

To those hearts the girls added a little canned pineapple and grapes. They were not much interested in eating as the weather was beautiful and I promised them bike rides. Maurene sat down to eat her cheese and Audrey ran straight for the bike. She did end up eating an hour later when we were ready to head to another outing.

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  1. Very cute lunch:). Love they way how your children helps making lunches!!

  2. so cute! we have become addicted to these super cute bento boxes and sandwich cutters latly! They are so much fun to have around!

  3. Very cute ! Love the face on Maurene in the first pic!


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