Wednesday, February 15, 2012

What's For Lunch Wednesday, How Does Your Garden Grow?

Little veggies and fruits in a tub.

This weekend we went to the Kaw Valley Seed Fair. It was an amazing gathering of people who like to garden. We traded seeds, purchased goods, and talked to gardening experts. Dan from MAD Farm is one of our favorite masters of the soil and he was there with the family. Next to him was the booth of his in-laws, Cottin's Hardware with all kinds of neat stuff. We found way too many things we want to purchase there. 

Since we knew it would be a long and fun day we packed a lunch. The fair is held at our County Fairgrounds and there are always a few tables to enjoy a healthy meal. Plus, Local Burger brought their goodies to entice all of the burger lovers attending the fair. My girls have not learned to enjoy a good burger yet so we brought veggies and fruit with a few crackers.

Mo was first to fill up.

Audrey stepped up to fill her tin.

Before we enjoyed our yummy meal we made seed bombs. The girls love getting their hands dirty with the clay used to hold the balls together. We have attended several events where they get to make seed bombs and they always love it. Maybe when they get older they will realize those are to be planted.

So curious.

It was cold that day. No idea why she is wearing the hat inside.

Check out what other families are packing this week at for What's For Lunch Wednesday.

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  1. So awesome love how the girls enjoy it :)

  2. They are so cute! The seed bomb making sounds like squishy fun. My Birdie also likes to wear hats inside, mittens too :)


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