Monday, February 13, 2012

Muffin Tin Monday, I Want it All

But it all looked so yummy!
Anyone who has read any of our Muffin Tin Monday posts knows that I usually set a number of items out and let the girls select their food. For this particular meal Audrey decided she wanted everything. It was only after she started piling it on her plate that I was able to convince her to put a few things back for sister. We split her PB&J bagel in half to share with sister and then only added a few pretzels. 

She ate the cottage cheese and crushed pineapple as well as all of the applesauce. The bagel was devoured but half the veggies remained and dip. She did manage to eat all the pretzels and then get up to grab more so she could finish her peanut butter. 

Running out of pretzels never stops Mo. I found her container inside out and licked clean. Mo has a new found love of cucumbers but politely left the carrots in their tin. She is also not a big fan of PB&J. Over half the time she leaves them on the plate and goes after anything fruit and dairy. Today was such a day.

Part of the reason lunch was not of much interest was because I gave Audrey an old spool of twine and let her do this:

I'm stuck!

I keep a lot of yarn around the house and she keeps snagging it and wrapping it around furniture. Today was a sanctioned event and I placed chairs where she could properly use them. After the project was complete I gave her a pair of scissors and let her cut all the twine into little pieces. All of the other times she has used yarn I wanted to keep so I would spend quite a bit of time chasing yarn around furniture, door knobs, and toys.

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  1. What a great idea! I am going to try this with my kids ... they will love it.

  2. Your muffin tin buffet is such a great idea!

  3. I like the muffin tin idea.
    The spider web is great fun. I have let the kids do the stringing. that's goes pretty fast. takes alot longer to undo for me. How about for you? Mlaik
    I hopped over from the Frog.


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